Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hello World! Love, Baby Sister

Greetings, outside/real world! Welcome, one and all, please take a seat and stay a while. My name is Elizabeth, and I am “Baby Sister.” While I’m originally from southeast Louisiana, on December 26, 2013, I moved to northwest Oklahoma with dreams of becoming a homesteader. It’s been a bit of a change, for multiple reasons. For a gardener who grew up planting things in a swampy zone 9A, moving to a bone-dry zone 6A presents a few challenges – did you know it SNOWS up here in winter? At the current moment, I’m living with my family on their 160 acre homestead out in the middle of nowhere, though my dream is to have my own little place in the next year (or so). We’re becoming more self-sufficient, one step at a time. Much of what I post here will chronicle that journey: cooking, canning, dehydrating, gardening, raising and butchering animals, making soaps and lotions, herbal salves and teas, and my current endeavor – doing it all without a “normal/straight” day job. I went to college to become a music teacher, and became disenchanted with our school systems. I spent almost 3 years killing myself working for an oilfield trucking company, and realized that I was tired of stressing out over somebody else’s money. So as of December 2, 2016, I’m a free woman. Here, I will include my journey to make a living from farmers markets, craft shows and other additional income sources. The worst that happens is I have to get a “real” job again, right?

Arya, mother of Nymeria, playing in the ice.
Dear reader, you may at this point be asking, “Why Baby Sister?” In all honesty, I really do have a genetic older brother (and a bunch of male friends that act like older brothers), so that’s half the reason right there. The rest of the logic, though, is a bit more Orwellian…I’m not a fan of Big Brother (as you will come to learn if you continue to read this blog). There are a lot of things that are regulated that just don’t sit right with me – but that’s neither here nor there. Many of the canning recipes (water bath and pressure) I use are not Big Brother/federal government approved. I will put notes on any recipes that are my own, and why I feel safe in canning them, even though Big Brother tells me not to. Like anything else, a little logic and research goes a long way.

Continuing in the vein of disclosure on where my canning recipes come from, I intend to source the information I give to you. In this modern age of information, the internet can be an amazing tool. It can also kick you in the butt if you’re not careful. Gone are the days where one could easily trust the published word – today, any nut job can have a blog or publish a book (see yours truly for reference), and there is little consideration given to the validity of information. Apologies to my high school English teacher, Coach Walther if it’s not 100% perfect. The point here is to allow people to see where my information is coming from, not to pass your bibliography-writing tests.

So without further eloquence, I welcome you, intrepid reader, to enter my world. Tread lightly, as the terrain tends to be a bit rocky.
Nymeria, our new baby.

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